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Certification as a riding coach at the Superbike School takes serious dedication, not just good riding, a nice smile or being one of our friends. Our coaches have tough training courses to go through for certification. They’re proud of their accomplishments – and they’re always proud of their students’ progress. You are assigned to one of them.
Your assigned on-track coach for the day is a professional. He is a trained observer and a correction artist. His job is to offer plenty of assistance by giving you immediate feedback on errors as well as validation for good application of the drills and technical skills. Your coach will ensure improvement and insist on understanding. Giving friendly advice is not part of their training; ensuring your discovery and understanding of the cornering art is part of their training.

The Coach's

Stephanie Redman

CRC (Chief Ride Coach)

"I remember rolling into QLD Raceway for a CSS coach tryout thinking ‘I race, i’m fast, I already coach elsewhere...I‘ve got this’. Two things happened that day, i failed my tryout and i discovered how little i knew about riding. I was in awe the whole day and quickly realise that i wasn’t at the required level for a CSS Coach, the thought that stuck was "how have i been going so fast with no idea of what i am doing?". The California Superbike School program is the most thorough, complete and technologically advanced training process, and since then i have looked at riding in a whole new light. Suddenly i had words for what i was feeling, explanations for crashes and actual plans for improvement, more than just brake later."

I am now over 3 years into being a CSS Coach and can honestly say i love every aspect of it. I get to improve my own knowledge and understanding of riding and best of all share that with others as equally passionate about riding motorcycles. I have experienced the improvements from applying Keith‘s Technology in my own riding, i know this stuff works, and it is for this reason coaching with the school is such a rewarding job. I get to help people experience the same gains in their own riding, and it doesn’t get much better than that!

On top of all this the school is a totally unique place, i fell like the staff are my family more than my colleagues, and the students my friends more than customers. I have met the most amazing people throughout this journey, and to think it has only just begun...

Anthony Chen

DCRC (Deputy Chief Riding Coach)

"When I started riding on the road just over ten years ago, if I think back it‘s all a little scary. I went out and bought a 1000cc weapon, I had no experience and with that came basically no idea. Sure I knew where the brakes were, the bars were and the fun thing, the throttle was, but I really didn’t know how to use them. I just rode the bike however I knew how. The need for ‘legal’ speed pushed me away from the road and naturally toward the track and because of this I gravitated toward CSS? Who knows why, probably the name considering I was was hyped up on testosterone and had an addiction for adrenaline. Regardless of why, it was the best training program I have ever done, it actually made me aware of what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to correct it. I was hooked and now riding, faster, safer and more confidently than ever."

"I believe every time I get on a bike I‘m a better rider because of the CSS drills and I believed this 7 years ago went I wanted to became a coach. This obviously happened and that’s where another whole realm of learning started and continues to this day. You will hear all the coaches say how demanding the coaching program is and they‘re right, but the results speak for themselves. The smiles and positive feedback from the students at the end of each school day says it all. This is the most rewarding part of the role for me, using the tools I have been given as a coach to help students understand and apply the technology, and ultimately get improvements they never dreamed of getting. Not only has CSS improved my riding (and probably saved my life on the odd occasion) it has let me do the same for thousands of riders in Australia and other parts of the world like the US, New Zealand, Taiwan and the Philippines. There’s not many things cooler than that!"

Adam Raffe

Master Coach

I lost my license for 6 months when I was 21 for riding like a tool on the street. I‘d only just got my first "big" bike, and I couldn’t handle the idea of not riding the thing until I got my license back. I looked into racetrack based events, track days etc, and found my competition license from racing motocross would allow me to attend the school, so I did, and it was brilliant! By the time I got my license back I‘d completed levels 1-3, sold my road bike, bought a track bike, and I haven’t owned a road registered motorcycle since. The school opened my eyes to what a modern sportsbike was capable of, and I very quickly lost interest in riding on the street.

Before too long I applied for a job with the school, and when my riding was good enough I was accepted into the coach training program. It‘s like no other training or education I’ve ever received. It‘s so thorough and complete and realistically puts all the recognized schooling I’ve had (school, university, TAFE) to shame. Completing the whole program took me about 4 years, and it‘s something I’m proud of. "The school" is a good group to be a part of. Everyone is cool, and when we arrive at work everyone is happy to be there, both staff and students. It’s a nice way to spend your work day.

Louie Filis

Riding Coach

Hello My name is Louie Filis and this my 15th year as a CSS coach. I feel very privileged to be involved with the never ending search for a deeper understanding and higher application of motorcycle riding techniques. I love that I get to be a part of the process that has riders grow their understanding right before our eyes. Every student is unique so it‘s a fun challenge to work out how to get the messages across to each student. The tone at the top of CSS is continuous improvement. From Keith to the coaches/staff and the students, we’re all in the same boat and regardless of what country or language we’re coaching in, the messages get through and they WORK! Everyone gets high on riding and it rocks.

CSS coach, best job in the world? For a bike nut like me that loves seeing people grow and have fun at the same time, you bet.

Ash Hare

Riding Coach

"I feel privileged to be part of a global organisation that delivers a high end product time after time to our customers across the planet- I come from the bottom of the planet New Zealand J. The best part is that the organisation happens to be coaching people how to ride motorcycles. Whether we coach racers, track day enthusiasts or road riders, all become faster, safer and in more control of their bikes. Being part of the process that allows people to succeed and watching riders achieve success with their riding is what does it for me. I love being a coach."

Damian Mackie

Riding Coach

"I started riding a motorbike later in life to beat traffic in Melbourne. When I moved back to NZ road rides were great but a fatality in one of our group rides changed my perspective and I moved towards track days and then into racing. After a few decent off track excursions a CSS documentary was shown to me by a mate, and when they finally came to NZ we signed up for all levels and my understanding of riding changed forever. The unbelievable feeling of lapping at a pace I didn’t think I could personally ever achieve, while in comfortable control of my motorcycle was awe inspiring – I just had to share this with others and become a coach. The coach training process is intense and very thorough, just when you think you have a step mastered you are exposed to even more tech and a deeper awareness. I enjoy the logical side of the coaching materials – no airy fairy just follow me type coaching – its straight physics and fact. Students getting their gains on the day takes me straight back to when I initially did the course – the creation of that energy when a student experiences their eureka moment is addictive, and it happens without fail every school! Playing a small part in helping fellow motorcyclists become faster safer, while travelling to various parts of the world riding new tracks - Love it!"

Neil Chappell

Riding Coach

"Entering the CSS family has been one of the highlights of my adult life, I think back to why I attended as a student, simply to try and ride faster around a race track......the net result was so much greater. I did become faster, allot faster, a lap record faster! But the greatest transformation I have experienced stemmed from one question I asked my coach "so how did you become a coach?" Since that day CSS took my under its wing and has taken me to the most amazing places in world and I have got to work with the most amazing students. The way CSS develops and grows its entire team is never ending, we all love being a part of something that grows peoples understanding of their greatest passion."

Matt Ashwin

Riding Coach

"I first came in contact with the school as a student, and what a day that first level one day turned out to be. Working my way through all 4 levels I never dreamt I’d end up being one of ‘those’ guys. Now being part of such an amazing team and working with people who are so knowledgeable about the technique of riding a motorcycle, I feel lucky each and every time I head to the track."

"The staff training program is extensive; it has taken what I learnt as a student and not only solidified it for my own riding but has given me a great understanding of the way a motorcycle is designed to work. In addition to riding the training has also given me excellent coaching skills. Being involved in other disciplines of motorcycling I come across other coaches and it is clear that the CSS approach is by far the best and gets the best results. My ability to observe, assess and then clearly express changes that can help a person become a better and safer rider by finding the answers for themselves to is one of my biggest gains. And of course the huge smiles that I get to see on my students faces as they improve their understanding of how they are making themselves a better rider is satisfaction plus."

"Working with students and using the tech I am always learning more at each and every school. The constant coach training program that is part of the school makes certain I am able to help students get those ‘lightbulb’ moments that we all push for."

Sam Phillips

Riding Coach

"The racing scene at our club is intense & very tight, after finding myself at the pointy end more often than not, it was inevitable that I would need that slight upper hand. There was only one proved & tested school, that I was interested in, and that was the California Superbike School. There is no doubt, that without the high level of coaching & tech I received from the Superbike School, that I would not have achieved the results I did. The coaching structure is very tough & thorough, not only has my riding level increased, but also my coaching ability has rapidly increased, under Steve & Keith’s work. Having the opportunity to work with students as they discover their potential is an un-explainable & irreplaceable feeling."

Dave Howitt

Riding Coach

"Even though I’d been riding road bikes for over 20 years, I’d never received any formal rider training. After getting into racing at my local club, I realised that I was no where near as competent a rider as I wanted to be. I knew I needed to get some help! My first experience with the California Superbike School was mind blowing! Partly because it was at the amazing Phillip Island Circuit, but mostly because of the improvement I made in just one day. After completing level two and three over the next year or so I was invited to try out as a coach and things have never been the same since

"The training and support you get as a coach is like nothing I have experienced anywhere. The dedication and motivation of the people involved with CSS ensure that I am pushed to continually improve as a coach and a rider, just as we expect our students to do each and every school day. Sometimes it’s just that one technical point that totally changes a students riding. It’s a huge buzz to see that “Ah ha" moment when everything just falls into place. CSS Coach = Dream Job? You bet!"

Levi Nupponen

Riding Coach

"I started out riding when i was about 9yrs old, I was fast, but boy did i crash! This theme seemed to carry right the way through my riding life whereby i was either winning it or binning it- dirt, road or track. When I started racing I was able to win, but the risks i took to do so were big, and I found myself on the limit everywhere, it just wasn’t sustainable. It wasn’t until i went and did some CSS school days that I realised I was riding around ‘by feel’ everywhere with little to no real awareness of what i was actually doing to get the bike around a corner. The coaching provided to me enabled a conscious awareness to how i approached my riding that I had never experienced before- it helped me not only identify my weak points, but gave me the tools I needed to remedy them.

Fast forward a few years (plus a lot of training) and I find myself involved with the CSS program as a rider coach- one of the greatest jobs on earth! The training program is incredibly comprehensive and enables constant development for both students and coaches alike, whilst the format of the schools days is well proven creating those great moments we all aspire towards every time we get out on the bike. I feel privileged to work with such a great team, but by far the greatest part of this job is sharing those moments when it all just comes together for a student- you pull in from a session on track together, the helmet comes off and all you can see on their face is a smile stretching ear to ear. Love it"

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