You may not notice them or get to know them like your ride coaches, but there is a full team of dedicated individuals, both at the track and in the administration office, who work diligently to see that your school day is a blazing success!

Track Staff

Renata Caia

Wrangler/CSS Administrator

I don’t ride… I’m a born pillion. The very first memory I have being on a bike goes back a fair bit. I must have been 5 and my uncle took my brother and I on a ride. My brother was sitting on the tank of this little 125cc Babetta and I remember sitting in the back hanging on for dear life as my uncle speeded (30km/hr) along the forest road with us. It was exhilarating. Next memory, I was around 20, a friend took me on a ride on his brand new Harley that he just rode to our place. Way too excited got on the bike the wrong side, burnt my leg that took 4 weeks to heal, but I only told him about it after the ride. Yet I still love motorcycles. Over the years I got to know quite a few people around the racetrack and at last started working with CSS as a wrangler in 2013. It’s not an easy job; days can be very long and hectic when you feel you are constantly being pulled to a minimum of five different directions at any given time. Still at the end of the day when you see all the smiling faces of our students with imaginary light bulbs lighting up above their heads you know that you are part of something totally amazing…even if you don’t ride.

Office Administration Staff

Stephanie Redman

CSS Chief Riding Coach (Australia)

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