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Phillip Island Ride Day #2 22/01/2018
I realised a few things about this ride day in comparison to the first ride day I did, the main thing being my nerves. I am a lot more confident now in my riding ability and not so worried about the other riders on the track or what they might think of the guy on the silver Triumph.
When I was on the track the first time I noticed I was always trying to use my mirrors and was very worried about the bikes behind me. This time I remembered what I had been taught during the four school days: BEING PREDICTABLE IS BEING SAFE. In doing this I was a lot more relaxed and could concentrate on the task at hand. This ride day I also found I had a greater awareness of not only my surroundings but the position I was on the track, speed, and what obstacles might lie before me such as slower traffic, a fallen rider, and so on.
Another thing that I noticed was I seemed to have slowed down on the straight – or so I thought. In fact the real reason why I felt I had become slower on the straight was because I was cornering not only faster but smoother, and I felt in control. I knew where I wanted the bike to go and knew that I could make it go there. I was also able to read the other riders’ body positions and had a very good idea were they would end up, making it easier to overtake. I could do this using the Wide View technique.
I have found that while I used to enjoy the occasional run to work on the Triumph, now it seems boring. Where the corners used to scare me due to lack of confidence and the uncertainty of what might lie ahead, I now find them exciting. I can’t believe what I have been missing out on all these years, and just how easy and fun riding can be.
I would like to thank you all for this fantastic and wonderful opportunity. It really was an opportunity of a lifetime and probably one of the biggest eye-openers I have encountered.
Everyday Joe. 

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